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Cameo artists Kelsey Murphy and Robert Bomkamp have designed and created beautiful masterpieces from Fenton glass.

Cameo carving is a painstaking process. After the glass has been annealed, a special mask is taped to the surface of the glass. Using an advanced vignetting technique, each piece is carefully sandcarved, by hand, using aluminum oxide crystal under pressure to take away some of the surface. Great individual skill and experience are needed to control this operation, as distinct stages of successive cameo carving are required to create the remarkable depth and the intricate details.

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10 3/4'' Sandcarved

Artist Proof

''Delicious 2''










9 1/2'' Sandcarved

Artist Proof

''Pink Ponies''







Click here to download a pdf file of more stunning Cameo Artist and Development Proofs!


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