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Fenton Glass "Beadmaking" Workshops

Fenton Lampwork


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more advanced classes.

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Fenton Glass Beadmaking Workshop

"The Art of Lampwork" 


$75 per person Limited space available,

students must be at least 18 yrs old.


Experience the ancient art of lampwork at Fenton this summer as you create your very own bead from Fenton glass.

During this 2 and 1/2 hour class you will have the opportunity to try your hand at the torch using Fenton glass rods and delicate glass frit to build your own beautiful keepsake beads. Perfect to adorn a necklace or bracelet. Limited space available so buy your ticket today.



Students at the Aug. 6, Lampwork class

observe a demonstration by artist/instructor Jena Lane Blair.




Why is it called lampwork?



Lampworking is a type of glasswork that uses a gas fueled torch to melt rods of clear and colored glass. Once in a molten state, the glass is formed by blowing and shaping with a variety of tools and hand movements. Early lampworking was done in the flame of an oil lamp. Although the art form has been practiced since ancient times, it became widely practiced in Murano, Italy in the 14th century. It is also called flameworking, since the modern practice no longer uses oil-fueled lamps. Lampworking is used today to create various artwork including beads.


How is lampwork different from glassblowing?

Lampworking differs from glassblowing in that glassblowing utilizes a blowpipe to inflate a glass gob by blowing air into the blowpipe, whereas, lampworking manipulates glass either by the use of tools, gravity, or by blowing directly into the end of a glass tube.


$75 per person Limited space available,

students must be at least 18 yrs old.


For more information or to schedule a reservation, please call 800-319-7793 x311 or email


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